Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Relief of Imperfection: For Women Who Try Too Hard to Make It All Just Right

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Here is a new book for possible discussion here (no endorsement implied):

The Relief of Imperfection:
For Women Who Try Too Hard to Make It All Just Right

by Joan C. Webb (Paperback - Jan 2, 2008)

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Regal Books):

Dear Lord, I pray that all limitations, weaknesses, defects, pain, hurt, mistakes, embarrassment, and imperfection in my personal and public life, relationships and circumstances be eliminated. This book is for any woman who has ever prayed this prayer or for the one who has even thought it. Joan Webb, a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, knows how hard it is for determined and caring women to step into the relief of imperfection. And yet, this is exactly what God wants for us.

The Relief of Imperfection encourages the reader to believe the truth about God, others, herself and her reality, thus eventually releasing her from the pursuit of perfection to relax in the relief of imperfection. Webb provides real-life stories, including how Jesus lived in the midst of imperfect surroundings, to show that it is OK with God to cease trying to appear perfect and have all the right answers all the time. Readers will find permission to stop pretending and start enjoying authentic, intimate relationships with others, with themselves and with God.

About the Author

JOAN C. WEBB is a recovering workaholic and perfectionist who communicates a message of freedom and renewal. A former pastor s wife, Joan is a personal life coach and teacher, helping others to become who God has gifted them to be. She speaks nationally and internationally and has appeared on Christian radio and television. Joan is the author or coauthor of magazine articles, curriculum and eight books, including Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect.

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