Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Books on Aging and Longevity


Welcome to this continuously updated webpage that collects together all new books on Aging and Longevity topics.

These new books are organized in the following monthly lists according to the month of book publication (just click on the month weblinks below):

New books on Aging & Longevity published in:

Year 2007 (317 books):

-- December 2007, 49 new books

-- November 2007, 40 new books

-- October 2007, 48 new books

-- September 2007, 61 new books

-- August 2007, 34 new books

-- July 2007, 22 new books

-- June 2007, 16 new books

-- May 2007, 26 new books

-- April 2007, 21 new books

For those who prefer to see this new books list being not split into many pieces by publication month, but rather be united into one place together, here it is:

Books on Aging & Longevity published in 2007
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Hope it helps.

These new books are represented by the following key words, and they cover the following topics:

Ageing, aging, anti-aging, geriatric, geriatrics, gerontological, gerontology, immortality, life-extension, longevity, new books, rejuvenation, senescence

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New Books on Aging and Longevity
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