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International Handbook of Population Aging

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Here is a new book for discussion here (click on the book title below for more detail):

International Handbook of Population Aging
by Peter Uhlenberg (Editor), Ph.D.
Springer, 2009

This encyclopedic book (772 pages) is written by international team of 61 experts.

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Springer):

The International Handbook of Population Aging is the first comprehensive volume to examine research on a wide array of the profound implications of population aging. Global population aging is one of the most important issues facing human societies in the early twenty-first century.

Population projections show that the proportion of the world’s population over age 60 will double between 2000 and 2050, and that about one-third of the people living in developed countries will be over age 60 in 2050. Already there are countries in Europe and Asia where the number of people over age 60 exceed the number of children, and by 2050 some of these countries will have twice as many old people as children.

As noted by the 2002 UN World Assembly on Ageing Report, this global trend in population aging is unprecedented in human history, is pervasive across societies, is enduring (there is no going back to younger populations), and has profound implications for human beings.

Written for gerontologists, demographers, sociologists and social scientists, researchers and teachers.

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Table of contents

Introduction: Peter Uhlenberg.

- I. Overview: 1. Why populations age:
Joshua Goldstein .
- 2. Data sources for studying aging
Markus H. Schafer & Kenneth F. Ferraro.
- 3. Global Population Aging: History and Prospects
Donald T. Rowland.

II. Aging Populations:
- 4. Population Ageing in Italy and Southern Europe:
Cecilia Tomassini & Giovanni Lamura.
- 5. Demography of Aging in the Nordic Countries
Gerdt Sundstrom.

- 6. Rapidly Aging Populations: Russia/Eastern Europe
Natalia Gavrilova & Leonid A. Gavrilov

- 7. Rapid Population Aging and Changing Intergenerational Transfers in Japan
Naohiro Ogawa, Rikiya Matsukura & Maliki.
- 8. Population Aging in China
Feinian Chen & Guangya Liu.
- 9. Population Aging in the Koreas
Dudley L. Poston, Jr. and Mary Ann Davis.
-10. Population Aging in Canada and the United States
Tracey LaPierre & Mary Elizabeth Hughes.
- 11. Aging in Mexico and Latin America
Rebeca Wong & Alberto Palloni.
- 12. Aging in West Africa
Isabella Aboderin.
- 13. Demography of Aging in Arab Countries
Kathryn M. Yount & Abla Sibai.

III. Migration and Aging:
- 14. Geographic Mobility and Aging in Place
Don E. Bradley & Charles F. Longino.
- 15.International Retirement Migration
Tony Warnes.
- 16. Immigrants and Aging
Judith Treas & Jeane Batalova.
- 17. Replacement Migration
Charles B. Keely.

IV. Population Aging and Economic Issues:
- 18. Public pension programs – Social Security
Diane M. Watts-Roy & John B. Williamson.
- 19. Private pensions in International Perspective
Angela M. O’Rand, Donald Ebel & Katelin Isaacs.
- 20. Employment at Older Ages
Sara E. Rix.
- 21. Population Retirement Patterns
David J. Ekerdt.
- 22. Income Inequality in Later Life
Melissa Hardy.

V. Population Aging, Longevity, and Health:
- 23. Mortality Patterns in Late Life
Robert A. Hummer et al.
- 24. Active Life Expectancy: A Central Measure of Population Health
Sarah B. Laditka & James N. Laditka.
- 25. Demography of Disability
Scott M. Lynch, J.Scott Brown & Miles G. Taylor.
- 26. Social Class, Health and Longevity
Pamela Herd.

VI. Health Care and Aging:
- 27. Population Aging and Health Care Policy in Cross-National Perspective
Stephen Crystal & Michele J. Siegel.
- 28. Health Care Expenditures
Edward C. Norton & Sally C. Stearns.
- 29 Demography of Informal Caregiving
Emily Agree & Karen Glaser.

VII. Population Aging and Social Relationships:
- 30. Childless Old Age
Pearl A. Dykstra.
- 31. Marital History and Well-Being in Later Life
Linda J. Waite.
- 32. Gender, Aging, and Widowhood
Deborah Carr & Susan Bodnar-Deren.

VIII. Future of Aging:
- 33. Future of Human Longevity
S. Jay Olshansky & Bruce A. Carnes.
- 34. Experience, Social Structure and Later Life: Meaning and Old Age in an Aging Society
Dale Dannefer & Robin Shura

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