Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Books on Brain Aging

Here is the list of new books on the topic of brain aging and memory loss with age.

The books are listed in reversed chronological order (the most recent books are listed first). To get more information about these books, just click on the titles below:

Sensible Self-Help for Parkinson's Problems
by Edgar M. Nash (Paperback - May 15, 2007)

Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disorders
by G. Ali Qureshi and S. Hasan Parvez (Hardcover - May 3, 2007)

Book Description:
Oxidative stress is the result of an imbalance in pro-oxidant/antioxidant homeostasis that leads to the generation of toxic reactive oxygen species. Brain cells are continuously exposed to reactive oxygen species generated by oxidative metabolism, and in certain pathological conditions defense mechanisms against oxygen radicals may be weakened and/or overwhelmed. DNA is a potential target for oxidative damage, and genomic damage can contribute to neuropathogenesis. It is important therefore to identify tools for the quantitative analysis of DNA damage in models on neurological disorders. This book presents detailed information on various neurodegenerative disorders and their connection with oxidative stress. This information will provide clinicians with directions to treat these disorders with appropriate therapy and is also of vital importance for the drug industries for the design of new drugs for treatment of degenerative disorders.

* Contains the latest information on the subject of neurodegenerative disorders
* Reflects on various factors involved in degeneration and gives suggestions for how to tackle these problems

Understanding Communication and Aging: Developing Knowledge and Awareness
by Jake Harwood (Paperback - May 1, 2007)

Interactions Between Neurons and Glia in Aging and Disease
by Joao Malva, Ana Cristina Rego, Catarina Oliveira, and Rodrigo Cunha (Hardcover - May 2007)

The Estrogen-Depression Connection: The Hidden Link Between Hormones & Women's Depression
by Karen J., Ph.D. Miller and Steven A., Ph.D. Rogers (Paperback - May 2007)

Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care
by Claire Biernacki (Paperback - April 27, 2007)

Brain Aging: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms (Frontiers in Neuroscience)
by David R. Riddle (Hardcover - April 19, 2007)

Neurobiology of Epilepsy and Aging, Volume 81 (International Review of Neurobiology.)
by R. Eugene Ramsay, James C. Cloyd, Kevin M. Kelly, and Ilo E. Leppik (Hardcover - April 16, 2007)

Alzheimer's: Where Do We Go from Here?
by Lisa W Smith (Hardcover - April 1, 2007)

If you do know some new books that should be added to this list, please feel free to add them here!

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