Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Books on Genetics of Aging and Health

Here is the list of new books on Genetics of Aging and Health.

The books are listed in reversed chronological order (the most recent books are listed first). To get more information about these books, just click on the titles below:

Aging of the Genome: The Dual Role of DNA in Life and Death
by Jan Vijg (Paperback - Mar 12, 2007)

Check page 268 of this book for an interesting discussion of the new High Initial Damage Load (HIDL) hypothesis "that early development produces a high load of initial damage."

Book Description:
Aging has long since been ascribed to the gradual accumulation of DNA mutations in the genome of somatic cells. However, it is only recently that the necessary sophisticated technology has been developed to begin testing this theory and its consequences. Vijg critically reviews the concept of genomic instability as a possible universal cause of aging in the context of a new, holistic understanding of genome functioning in complex organisms resulting from recent advances in functional genomics and systems biology. It provides an up-to-date synthesis of current research, as well as a look ahead to the design of strategies to retard or reverse the deleterious effects of aging. This is particularly important in a time when we are urgently trying to unravel the genetic component of aging-related diseases. Moreover, there is a growing public recognition of the imperative of understanding more about the underlying biology of aging, driven by continuing demographic change.

About the Author:
Jan Vijg is Professor at the Buck Institute for Age Research in Novato, California, USA

New Clinical Genetics
by Andrew Read and Dian Donnai (Paperback - Jan 30, 2007)

DNA: How the Biotech Revolution Is Changing the Way We Fight Disease
by Frank H. Stephenson (Hardcover - Jan 30, 2007)

Genetics in Medicine (Cutting Edge Medicine)
by Andrew Solway (Library Binding - Jan 12, 2007)

Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine
by Detlev Ganten and Klaus Ruckpaul (Hardcover - Sep 21, 2006)

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