Friday, June 15, 2007

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

This is a place for discussing a famous and perhaps somewhat controversial book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration":

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
by Weston Andrew Price

The idea to feature this book here was prompted by the ongoing discussion "Soft Drinks Linked to Aging?"

Here is the Table of Contents for this book:

Why Seek Wisdom from Primitive Races
The Progressive Decline of Modern Civilization
Isolated and Modernized Swiss
Isolated and Modernized Gaelics
Isolated and Modernized Eskimos
Primitive and Modernized North American Indians
Isolated and Modernized Melanesians
Isolated and Modernized Polynesians
Isolated and Modernized African Tribes
Isolated and Modernized Australian Aborigines
Isolated and Modernized Torres Strait Islanders
Isolated and Modernized New Zealand Maori
Ancient Civilizations of Peru
Isolated and Modernized Peruvian Indians
Characteristics of Primitive and Modernized Dietaries
Primitive Control of Dental Caries
One Origin of Physical Deformities
Prenatal Nutritional Deformities and Disease Types
Physical, Mental and Moral Deterioration
Soil Depletion and Plant and Animal Deterioration
Practical Applications of Primitive Wisdom

This monograph is cited and discussed by more than a hundred of other books, with the most extensive coverage at:

How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
by Douglas Morrison

How We Heal: Nutritional, Emotional, and Psycho Spiritual Fundamentals
by Douglas Morrison

Conscious Eating
by Gabriel Cousens

Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health
by Thomas E. Levy

Root Canal Cover-Up
by George E. Meinig

On the other hand, the website Quackwatch described the findings of book author Weston Price as "quackery". Then the Weston A. Price Foundation published an 8-point rebuttal. However the quackery allegation is still not removed from the Quackwatch, and it can be found here.

Can some knowledgeable people here please comment on this controversy?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great post!
Yes, people are greatly divided regarding this book.
By the way, you can read it online for free at:
Hope it helps,
Keep up with your good job!

Chef Jem said...

An exceptional post!
Sacred foods have stories to tell
but only to those who have the ears to hear them.

The unsubstantiated allegations of quackery at "Quackwatch" have been very well refuted by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). There does not appear to be any counter- statements against what has been refuted. IMO. the WAPF 8-point rebuttal stands as the truth! Quackwatch is silent even though it may still cling to that duly refuted web page.

Chef Jemichel

Chef Jem said...

P.S. I see nothing of any possible relevance in the definition of Quackery:
that can possibly be applied to Dr. Weston A. Price. Although I appreciate the eight-point rebuttal by The Weston A. Price Foundation I would have dismissed the accusation as completely absurd and told Mr. Quackwatcher to go fish!

Be Very Well!

Happy New Year!

Chef Jem