Friday, June 8, 2007

New Books Discussing Human Longevity

Here is the list of new books discussing the topic of human longevity (no endorsement implied).

The books are listed in reversed chronological order (the most recent books are listed first). To get more information about these books, just click on the titles below:

The Longevity Bible: 8 Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Mind Sharp and Your Body Young
by Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan (Paperback - Jun 12, 2007)

Longevity and Optimal Health: Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives
by William Bushell (Paperback - May 27, 2007)

Japanese Foods That Heal: Using Traditional Ingredients to Promote Health, Longevity & Well-being
by Jan Belleme (Paperback - Mar 30, 2007)

Book Description:
A comprehensive and authoritative guide to the healing powers of Japanese foods, this book includes an in-depth look at over seventeen traditional ingredients, including miso, shiitake, toasted sesame oil, tofu, amazake, and seitan. Each food item is given its own chapter, which includes a detailed discussion of the nutritional and medicinal benefits, how to make it or buy it, cooking with it, and recipes featuring it. This book also features a pronunciation guide, which is great for ordering from restaurants or shops, and a guide to composing meals.

121 Ways to Live 121 Years and More!: Prescriptions for Longevity
by Ronald, M.D. Klatz and Robert Goldman (Paperback - Mar 15, 2007)

Product Description:
Anti-aging medicine is the world's fastest growing new medical specialty. Today it is practiced by more than 30,000 physicians in 80 countries worldwide. It applies advanced science and medical technology for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunctions. Because of anti-aging medicine: Aging is not inevitable. The co-founders of the anti-aging movement, with a combined 50 years of medical know-how, have created a handbook of simple, practical tips we can implement today to help us live long and healthy lives. And, believing in the adage "knowledge is power," they share the science behind each tip, so readers can make more infomred choices. "121 Ways to Live 121 Years...And More! Prescriptions for Longevity draw on the enormous resources of the World Health Network (, the educational website of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Tips cover a wide variety of topics, such as:It's not enough to know your cholesterol; test for C-reactive protein too; fight cancer tumors with certain beans and nuts; lower blood pressure with potatoes; happiness helps health; bread crusts, and bread-type foods like pizza, may have cancer-fighting potential. There are travel savvy tips, details on age-apparopriate health screenings, suggestions for healthy before-bed snacks, and "to-do's: for long-term brain health. There is information on fitness, looking good, detoxification, sex, stress reduction, getting adaquate sleep, and strengthenng the immune system, as well as oather sujects that relate to longevity.

The MediterrAsian Way: A Cookbook and Guide to Health, Weight Loss, and Longevity, Combining the Best Features of Mediterranean and Asian Diets and Lifestyles
by Ric Watson and Trudy Thelander (Hardcover - Mar 6, 2007)

This is for your information only -- no endorsement implied.

If you do know some new books that should be added to this list, please feel free to add them here!

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