Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Textbook of Men's Health and Aging

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Here is a new book for discussion:

Textbook of Men's Health and Aging, Second Edition
by Bruno Lunenfeld, Louis J.G. Gooren, Alvaro Morales, and John E. Morley (Hardcover - Dec 26, 2007)

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Informa Healthcare) :

The First Edition did much to establish and define the scope of the emerging subspecialty of aging men's health. The central mission of the new edition is to unpick normal physiologic aging in men from pathologic processes. We plan to eschew any material that is routinely available in the standard textbooks of medicine and geriatrics and maintain a unique male perspective. Wherever possible, the book will record consensus on diagnostic criteria, emphasize evidence-based medicine, and highlight translational science, i.e. the demonstration of how knowledge of the molecular and physiological processes can inform and lead clinical practice. There will be increased advice on treatment options. There will be two new sections: Basic Sciences and Sexual Dysfunction.

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