Saturday, February 2, 2008

Elderly Care Medicine (Lecture Notes) -- New Book

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Here is a new book for discussion:

Lecture Notes: Elderly Care Medicine (Lecture Notes)
by Claire Nicholl, Jane Wilson, and Stephen Webster
(Paperback - Dec 19, 2007)

Here is a book description provided by the Wiley-Blackwell Publisher:

Book Description

Lecture Notes: Elderly Care Medicine is a textbook which discusses the physiological changes of ageing and how this affects the presentation and treatment of disease in the elderly patient. This handbook, now in its seventh edition, can be used as a core text, a revision aid and a quick reference guide for medical students, junior doctors and other health professionals.

Extensively revised and updated to reflect recent advances in knowledge and developments in management, Lecture Notes: Elderly Care Medicine now features:
-- new information on health and social care for the elderly
-- useful appendices covering questionnaires and examination criteria for use on the wards
-- key point boxes and mnemonics to aid learning and revision.

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