Thursday, March 27, 2008

After 50 It's Up To Us: Developing The Skills And Agility We'll Need (new book)

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Here is a new book for discussion here (click on the book title below for more detail):

After 50 It's Up To Us:
Developing The Skills And Agility We'll Need

by George Schofield, Ph.D.

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Clarity Group, Inc.):

This enjoyable, personal and pragmatic book is written from original investigative research. After 50 It's Up To Us: developing the skills and agility we'll need is the book for you if you have questions about your skill and agility after 50. Together, the reader and Dr. Schofield explore pioneering lives after 50 and develop understanding through the engaging lives and stories of others after 50. This highly accessible book also provides the reader with the opportunity for practical learning exercises and personal awareness

About the Author:

The author is an expert in human adult development, and a former vice-president of the Bank of America.

This looks like a popular book analyzing real life stories, in order to understand the causes and mechanisms of "mid-life crises," with self-help advices on how to cope with challenges in later life.

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